Veteran Custom Scissor Sharpening


We sharpen all makes and brands of high quality custom scissors and shears!

Mail Order Service

Veteran Scissor Sharpening switched over to the more convenient mail order service, which allows the business to expand to all 50 states. A 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as the quality service can now be enjoyed by the entire United States. 

Bill and Margaret understand the investment that top-notch beauticians have made in their high quality scissors and shears.

Veteran Scissor Sharpening would like to invite you to call today for all your scissor sharpening needs.

Veteran Scissor Sharpening sharpens all high quality brands, including Advantage, Industrie, Kasho, Maksor, Shisato, Tondeo, Rusk, Hachi, Mirage, Yasaka, Kamisori, Tashita, Debut, Dynasty, Bio-Ionics, as well as Blue Ribbon.

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