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There are certain things an operation should do in order to keep their shears operating properly.

Clean Your Shears Often. 
Wipe all hair from your shears often. Be sure to wipe any moisture from the shears in order to keep them from rusting.

Lubrication and Your Shears
A drop of oil at the pivot point will help to keep the shears opening and closing smoothly.

Adjusting the Tension
Adjust the tension on the blades daily. This will keep your shears cutting smoothly and will prevent the cutting edge from becoming dull too soon.

In order to adjust the tension on the blades, turn the center screw clockwise. This will increase the tension. In order to decrease the tension, turn the screw counterclockwise.

The tension on the blades should be adjusted so that when blade is held halfway up (90 degrees) and dropped, it will stop about 3/4 inches before closing. If the blade closes after dropping, Titan the centers grew slightly. If the blade stops too soon, loosen the adjusting screw slightly. Continue working with the adjusting screw until the tension is correct.

Proper Shear Handling
Proper handling of your shears is important. Dropping a pair of shears will usually cause damage to the cutting performance and will often result in broken tips. Always remember to place your shares back on the shelf carefully with the blades closed.

Sharpening Shears
Shears should be sharpened when it becomes more and more difficult to cut hair. It is important to get your shears sharpened before the cutting edge begins to bend the hair. When that happens,  When that happens over a period of time, it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome as well as fatigue.

Make sure that the bumper is in place and in good condition. The bumper is there to ensure that the tips of your shears close completely while cutting.

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